Steering range different in software & iracing?

Hi all,

  • I have steering range to 900° in the software, but in iracing it is calibrated at 670°
    Do i need to match these settings?
    should i reduce the 900° to 670° ?

  • Should i put the Force feedback to 100% and reduce it in iracing to an acceptable force? Or is it oke (as a profile i downloaded , have it at 60% ?

You need to calibrate the wheel in iRacing. You can press E-stop so that you reach the bumpstops so you’ll get full rotation range in-game when calibrating.

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Sorry to hijack your post Bram, but Talking about TrueDrive VS iRacing calibration I can confirm that the degrees of rotation dont match between apps.
Using TD info Page when calibrating wheel and iR tells me that my steering range is 896 not 900

It probably means that when you turned the wheel 90 degrees when iRacing told you to do so, you were about 1 degree off.

Hi Mika, thanks for replying!

i did press the E stop and now i am at 886° wich is oke i guess.
Is this correct that the software still says 900° ? I should leave it in the software to 900° ?

Could you explain a little bit about the “overal strenght” ?
I was under the impression, i needed this to put at 100% and then reduce the FFB in iracing. But seeing that your profiles set it to 37% or other profiles to 60% I wonder what the idea is behind this?

In that regard, the “Wheel force” option in iracing tells me to set it to the max nm the DD can produce.
This is 25nm for the sport. But since i reduce it to 60% wich is 15 nm should i put this on 15 in iracing or just give a max of 25.

Again its very unclear why these options are made.
Damping and other options below, i just leave it to the the profile setup, but it would be nice to have some tutorial on your software at some point. I know you guys have done a 2 min video but this could defo use more in depth explanation and more time.

I posted this on several pages to get some insight, and the response is very very low , wich can only mean that the majority doesnt have a clue either.
Thats just my constructive critism wich can go better.

Thanks again for your great product! But i would even feel much better if I could understand it more and not randomly change sliders and try to notice differences without having a clue.

You should always set the overall strength to the maximum level that you want the wheel to give you in any kind of situations, such as violent crashes that might hurt your fingers.

Then you will set the desired FFB level from in-game, minding that you will not clip the forces at the same time.

You will only need to adjust the wheel force slider if you are planning to use the Automatic FFB Strength adjustment in-game. It is not recommended to use it anyway, its just adds to the confusion, so you can safely disregard all wheel force settings. That setting won’t affect the FFB feel by itself in any manner.

oki thanks Mika,

I have set it 60 cause indeed, the wheel was very violently at 100% while hitting something.
It is nice to know that it doesnt conflict with eachother.

I did use the auto setting in iracing since i thought that was the right way to do so. Altough sometimes it was too hard and i reduced it a little bit.

thanks again!