Steering left is harder than steering right

Dear support,

I have a Simucube Pro unit that works great, but one thing keeps being odd. When I steer counter clockwise it takes more force and feels like I’m winding something up, but when steering clockwise this force is not needed and the feeling is non existent.
In my attempt to locate/isolate the problem, I have tried:

  • Different profiles on the same Simucube Pro
  • Different Simucube Pro units on the same computer

Try to change the startup procedure to be able to identify where the problem is coming from.

-E-stop released-OFF
-Power On SC2 base - back button
-Wait for beeps- First Windows USB connection beeps, then SC2 beeps
-DO NOT MOVE steering shaft before beeps finish
-Start True Drive/Paddock
-Load profile with good amount of Servo Filters like Damping friction and inertia and wave the steering wheel to feel it

I would test also with desktop centering spring or against the bumpstops on desktop, whether those feel the same left/right. This would rule out a game settings issue.

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