Steering angle meaning

Can anyone explain the various steering angle measurements to me? I have looked online and not found any coherent explanation. It looks like there are at least 5 different steering angles that are adjustable. The list follows with what I currently have set in parentheses. I have a Simucube 2 Sport with steering range (640 deg) and bumpstop range (214 deg) in True Drive. IRacing has a wheel calibration range, wheel range (178 deg) and map range (665 deg). What do all of these mean? These setting feels good to me but I’d like to know why. Thanks!

Steering angle is the lock-to-lock angle for steering wheel.

You must always calibrate this so that the game knows it. iRacing steering assigment wizard tells you to turn the wheel 90 degrees which then correctly sets the wheel range and map range sliders and after that you shouldn’t touch those.

Bumpstop range is typically the same as steering range, but adjusting the firmware generated bumpstops well within the steering range and even “narrower” than the game generated bumpstops allows to use those firmware generated bumpstops in games that otherwise produce very harsh / buggy bumpstop effect, such as in Project Cars 2.

Thanks for the info. That explains the Simicube side of things , but what about the iRacing side? There are three other steering ranges there…

During the iRacing wheel calibration should I really go multiple turns in each direction and then do the 90 degree measurement?

Amount of turns does not matter. Just follow what iRacing tells you to do in the dialog. Turn all the way to the hardware generated bumpstops when they are set as the same as steering range. Then turn left 90 degrees when it tells you to do that.