Steering angle don't match with the actual wheel angle on simucube2

HI! New to the sc2 family but have a really big problem here, when i set the steering range and bumpstop degree to 1180, my actual wheel can only go to 580 and the wheel is stop,anyone have solution?Thanks!

if it happens on AC, it’s because it doesn’t have steer lock.
if on iracing or ACC or R3E,all have automatic steer lock depending on the car you drive.

Thank you for the reply! However, this even happen in desktop, i try restart and still when i turn the wheel to 580 the bumpstop activate,then i press the e-stop button,the wheel still can’t detect angle over 580,so strange…

got it, don’t know how to help though…never heard of that happening
I’m sure someone from Granite will help you

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New findings:when i set the steering range to 1800,the wheel can go 900degree now, so the steering range is missing half?lol

The indicated steering range in Simucube profile (and in fact in similar profiles in all FFB wheel bases, not just Simucube) is a lock-to-lock setting. So 900 degrees would be 450 degrees left and right.


OMG i am so stupid, didn’t remember left+right lol, thanks for fast reply btw!!

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I noticed that with bumstop at default 900 degrees, even when just in the TD app, I can only turn wheel 413-433 or so, at least with soft/medium setting. The 433 is medium, 413 soft. To get it to actually go 450, I had to set to 968 on soft. What’s up with this?

We might change that. The steering angle setting sets the location where the bumpstop reaches the 100% force.