Staubli Baldor Motor with Argon?

I have a staubli RX130, I would love to drive the servos with Argon, however I’m not sure if these motors are supported…

Three axes (joints) use high power servo motors, and three axes use lower power motors.
I don’t think the smaller motors will give problems.
I’m mostly concerned about the S2P103W008G1 (High power).
Specs: Baldor AC brushless Servo Motor (Cat W040/1592)
Torque cont. stall: 4.52 NM
Current cont. stall: 13,14 A RMS
Rated Speed: 6000 RPM
Rated Bus Voltage: 200 Volts
Peak Current 50 A RMS

The feedback device is a resolver (REF, SIN, COS).

Hi Maurice

I answered to your support ticket, but here’s the info shortly:
The motor requires much more current than Argon can drive.

Kind regards,