Static Paddle shifters for SC2

Hey Guys,

I wanted to see if anyone has put static shifters on their SC2?
I was considering to put static shifter as sometimes when I crash and spin I gear up instead of down, under pressure in a race its easily done.

Any suggestions on good static shifters for the SC2?


I don’t know, if this is that you are looking for…

You mean like they use in rally cars? Like in this video:

uhm sort of like that but on both sides like normal and dont function both ways, just without them connected directly to a button box or the rim.

I think the ascher ones above look right but has anyone tried mounting them? would they work?

I was thinking to buy just plain round rim and use the shifters with no button box.

Juat like the Thrustmaster T500 has. Static shifters that are mounted on the wheelbase, yes?

Like this ones for Fanatec.

This is the more close that I can see. It’s no the same, but if ask Martin Ascher, he can respond your doubt

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Thanks for the responses I have reached out to Martin so will check with him :slight_smile: