Start up left-right sequence

Hello, I’ve had my SC2 for a few months now and when I’d start it up (e-stop disengaged) it would simply beep and I could feel resistance of the wheel which let me know the motor was active, there would be no movement of the wheel.

In the last few days this has changed and now when I turn it on, the wheel will sway left and right a few times and then settle off center to the left. Looking for info to understand why this has changed?

I did update to the latest firmware after I noticed it but the wheel behavior at start-up is the same. Good news is it doesn’t cause any difference in game, not that I can tell at least.

Encoder Recalibration

In case wheel starts rotating on servo startup.

Hit Ctrl-E in TD software and follows instructions on the menu.

Its a service feature, that disables absolute encoder, tells the servo drive to reboot (it gets new calibration value for the encoder), and saves that calibration value to be used again by enabling absolute encoder mode, and saves servo drive settings and then commands servo drive to again reboot.


that is, gentle rotation left-right-left-right. Any other type of rotation might be some other issue.

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So this is nothing to bother about…? My Simucube is behaving the same, high torque is enabled and the default profile loaded. No further action required?

Ty for response, I will give this a go.

Completed the suggested series of steps and I am back to normal, no more left-right motion at startup, appreciate the help!