St130-M10010 - Sourcing a Biss-C Encoder Adapter Plate

Hi All,

Getting back into sim racing after a 2 year hiatus. Dusted off my old Simucube 1 and was hoping to upgrade the encoder to a Biss-C.

I have the small mige motor ST130-M10010. I have spoken to Lisa @ Mige and I can get one delivered but I cant find an adapter plate for mounting anywhere. Does anyone know if these are still available (Unlikely I know)? If so could you point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

Simucube 2 Sport/Pro mounting plate is exactly the same bolt-pattern as 130ST Mige series…

Hi Philip,

Thank you for the response. I’m not sure were talking about the same thing. The old Mige motor encoders can be upgraded to the Biss-C 4.2 mil Encoder, however the encoder interface needs to be adapted using a machined aluminium plate. Hope that clarifies things a bit more.


The adapter plate is only needed if your mige is from 2017 or older. Depending when you got it open the encoder cover and you should see the bolt holes to put the biss c encoder on. If that is not the case send me a dm with your email and I’ll send you a revised adapter plate stl file for you.

Oops, just for clarity, I was talking about the front mounting plate, not the encoder adapter , my apologies. I must be getting old :frowning:

Yes, correct, the earlier model Mige needs a spacing-plate to properly accommodate the BiSS-encoder. If memory serves, Tomo made such a beast.

Somewhere there is a schematic of the Plate it is I think 2 or 2.5mm thick… Basically it is just a spacer that coverts the Old bolt pattern to the new… You can probably hand fabricate one. pretty easily.

Thank you all for the responses, much appreciated.
I’ll look into fabricating an adapter when the encoder arrives.

Probably overthinking this one but I have a question regarding the Biss-C encoder. I don’t have the adapter plate sorted yet, but I thought I would just check everything fits before I get one fabricated. The new encoder fits on but I can feel a small amount of play between the biss-c and the shaft.

The main reason I’m querying this one is the biss-c encoder sold by sim racing bay, made a point of stating the encoder had been ‘machined’ to fit.

Will this ‘play’ between encoder and shaft be a problem?

Many thanks

how much play is there? there have been quite a few people who have done the retrofit without doing any modifications… I would guess if there is alot of play it would just mean that you would really need to make sure the bold through the center is tight so the encoder doesn’t slip.

Thanks for the reply Brian.

As I say, probably overthinking it, the play is very small. I’m sure it will be fine.


For future reference. If anyone is looking for the STL adapter plate files for the BISS-C please head over to the Simucube Community Discord. In the simucube-1 channel look at pinned comments and you can download the stl adapter plate files.