SQR for mige motors

it seems that the new SQR is only available for the new simucube2 motors.
Mika please confirm that the new system will be available in May for mige motors as well.

It will be a stand alone product as well so it will work on the SC1

yeah, but if you read the specs closely the mige motor has a 22mm shaft, the new SC2 Motor does use a 24mm shaft. So there would have to be a 22mm shaft clamp for the MiGe Motor to make the SQR work on the MiGe

Not sure where that dimension is coming from as I can’t find a dimension sheet indicating that for the servos… Mu guess is because they have announced it as stand alone they will have options for the 22mm Shaft if it is different.

the 24mm information is from attilla kiss (Racewerk, official SC2 reseller), and the 22mm for the MiGe can be read from the motors data sheets / drawings.

We have a lot of 24mm cone clamps inhouse (at the factory) as we use them for production, 22mm cone clamps are also available, (for example from Ringspann) so that it fits perfectly to the SQR but we have not ordered those. Due to busy times right now, it is a bit tight schedule to sell these at May for any other than for 24mm shafts. There is simply a lot of other work to be done. A lot of orders to fulfill and to deliver products.

Nevertheless, these will be offered to 22mm and 24mm shafts.

We have the 22mm clamps in stock if anybody needs one they are readily available in most countries


Simtech Racing

link please I do not find them on your web shop

I will put them on later its a DL70 22x47 Drive Lock I have tested it on the SQR