Sport base w/ Porsche Fanatec USB wheel - Accererometer? Dampening effect?

Wish I could upload a video of what this combo is doing … It seems to be wheel/base interaction. When I spin the Porsche wheel quickly, often the base will dampen the spin of the wheel (mainly stopping it) while issuing a beeping sound from the wheel. It doesnt matter what program is running, direction I spin it or where in the wheel travel. It happens with the base turned on, wheel plugged in USB and TrueDrive running. Almost feels like the Porche 918 RSR wheel (Fanatec, converted to USB and running Fanaleds) has an accelerometer in it and somehow the base is reacting and damping the spin of the wheel. Happens during Dirt2 normal play. Cant find any setting that affects it. Thanks
for your thoughts. Added Youtube link: (not sure why the link wont play, copy & paste to a browser to see this in action. Thx!)

Not this by any chance?

Hey… that sounds like it. I noticed it in Dirt 2.0 the first time when drifting a corner and letting the wheel rotate quickly of its own inertia as I transitioned into and out of drift. My hands would have been off the wheel and the wheel would naturally have spun quickly to recenter, just as a real car would do transitioning corner to corner while drifting. Let me look that up and see I can disable it. Hardware tab? No idea at the moment but I will go look around for it. Will return here to report. Thanks!!

Hardware tab, set it to Low or Off.

Yup … you had it spot on. Thanks!

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