Spark from SC2 power port

Last night, I unplugged my SC2 Sport to adjust the setup. Forgetting that the manual said to unplug the PSU from the AC outlet first, I just pulled the DC cable molex straight away from the wheel base. Halfway through adjustment, I realized the PSU was still plugged in to the AC outlet so I disconnected it. When I reconnected the molex back to the wheel base again, there was a spark in the molex port. Worried that I’ve done something stupid, I instantly started ACC to test things out. I noticed a couple things:

  1. The FFB felt a little weaker than usual.
  2. The game also crashed several times on Laguna Seca with the error “Unreal Engine is exiting due to D3D device being lost”. Whenever this happened, the wheel would be stuck at a weird angle with strong FFB. I had to restart the wheel base to push it back to the neutral position. The game has never crashed on me prior to this. I googled the error and it seems to be a UE4 problem, not caused by the wheel base but I’m not 100% sure.

Should I be worried about the wheel base? Is there anything I can do to rectify my stupid mistake?

Thank you.

Most likely there was residual charge in the PSU which discharged when you connected the DC connector to Simucube 2. We have tested this and found that there is no hardware damage that would happen due to this, but the main worry is the oxidation of the conducting surfaces in the DC connector - they would start to cause additional heating at some point. But definitively one-time event does not cause this to happen.

Likely the FFB strength difference is just placebo, or you driving cautiously.

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Thank you Mika. I’m gonna paste a big sticker on my rig as a reminder to disconnect the AC plug from now. :smile: