Sounds and strength

I used the Paddock settings (MSA GTE R1) and I have such strange noises, is it normal ???

I will add that the wheel force is set very tightly (35nm) in ir, but somehow it seems to me that this wheel was once stronger


With all due respect, this question really shouldn’t be asked anymore

I understand because I asked about it at the beginning, but it is a very strong mechanical knock. The recording does not reflect it that way


Sounds like Reconstruction filter is OFF - 0%

Try higher values

It’s completely normal because you’re running the FFB so incredibly raw. The wheel has so much fidelity that you need to add some filtering. As others have said, start with enabling the Reconstruction Filter. These DD wheels with incredible fidelity, power, acceleration, etc. should never be run without filtering.

Was in the same spot, need to adjust the settings, as set above they’re too raw