Somebody agrees with this ranking

Lols. With these ‘reviews’, I always say: ‘Follow the money trail’ -> or in that case, see if the person is sponsored, see if there are affiliate links etc.

Simucube 2 is a significant step above the so-called winner where feel, quality and reliability is concerned. Only a total spaz would recommend a podium DD1 above the SC2 Sport, or the DD2 above the SC2 Pro.

And yes, I stand by my comment :wink:

For the record, I own a Podium DD2 also, have pretty extensive experience with it. It doesn’t come anywhere close to the SC2. Not in performance, not in feel, not in quality, not in reliability. Of course, everyone is free to spend their money where they see fit.



That’s what I think …
I don’t know how they dare to do these rankings …
I know people who think the same as you. SC1 and SC2 are above DD1 / 2.

They are paid/sponsored. Nothing one can do about that, it is a free world. But the quality of the products will eventually become known to the www, and be spoken about in forums globally.

Those guys doing reviews such as in that case, will lose credibility.

So don’t sweat it, it’s life, people are fully entitled to their opinions, even as inaccurate as they may be.

also with all due respect, I realy doubt an Accuforce system is any better than Sc2…

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What bugs me most is that this is not actually a review, they only sum up all thse positive things about all wheels. But if they’re all so great, what makes them end up in this order? I can’t extract that from these descriptions, so it’s usueless as an actual review.

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Exactly, I don’t see much sense to it. besides not being right.

Meh…, guys don’t even bother with this stuff. Whoever is in the market for a DD wheel most probably has already made a thorough research and checked all reviews and especially from well respected and trusted reviewers. I guess all of us did the same and that is why we are here… I seriously doubt that this article is going to influence anybody. Having spent 10 months with my SC pro, honestly i cannot think how there could be something out there that is better than it (apart from the ultimate of course).


Iam not sure Barry would agree with that top 5. :joy:

Kollmorgen 54G on top for Barry, that’s sure.

Yes, we are thinking on why that motor is “best”. It has much worse cogging and torque ripple compared to Simucube 2 motors, also the torque derates much quicker when wheel is turning, and on top of that, there are much larger resistive losses and back-EMF.

Maybe some people like motors that do not reproduce all details.


hi Mika, since both Podium and Sc2 have come out, I’ve been reading a ton of people saying they choose Podium because “Simucube wheels are too hard to set up, they are not made plug and play like Fanatec products”. this is what everyone was saying, and keeps saying.
I think this idea came from the time when first OSW solutions were available, when a diy kit were your only option and hence it was too complicated.
It is also a wide spread idea that Simucube software is over complicated while other competitor have a ready to play setting (and speaking of that, I had the chance to see directly how Fanalb software is made, the irony is that it is a hundred times more tricky and complex than True Drive or Simucube sw).
Last thing, a lot thinks that Sc2 can just works with ultra expensive wheels, which is a thing that goes beyond my comprehension.
So, in general this idea is still very present for many, many simracers,don’t know why but every time the discussion pops up on Facebook, it always ends like this.


My take as a buyer that is waiting for the SC2 Pro probably till mid September does not count for much as I have not driven with the DDR1 or the SC2 Pro.
However base on my research the DDR1 is a very attractive wheel base with plenty of power with the DD2 being the same base with even greater power. Lets face it you can say what you want, the the sheer amount of wheels they offer with respectable price points is very attractive. I spent months on their forum trying to make these wheel bases make sense. Ultimately I decided on the SC2 Pro simply because they are having trouble making their base work reliably due to firmware and driver issues. There are a loit of un happy Fanatec customers that are invested heavily into the eco system, A lot of them are taking it on the chin and making the switch to the Simucube line of motors, I am one I have a few wheels and would be great to just grab a base and go, but here I am in for a base and a new wheel and selling off my Fanatec stuff
I hope for all those invested into those bases get a break and the software guys over there can make the bases live up to there hype. it would be great to have another player with great reliable hardware out there
For now though based on my finding2 the SC2 Pro is the best act in town


Doesn’t Podium cut torque with non Podium wheels to prevent their disintegration? So you.kind of need to buy new wheel anyway.

It cuts the torque on wheels that use their “simplified” QR.

I am very happy with my Augury sc1 30nm / 4.2mill.
And until there are no significant changes with sc2 I don’t change.
What is certain is that I will continue with Simucube.

I’ve seen many sim racers switch from Podium DD to SC2, haven’t seen the opposite (yet). That alone says a lot about the credibility of this “review”.


A spanish youtuber how famous, who had an SC1, bought a dd1 …
And after a few months with her he returned to sc1.
Explaining in the video that there are no great differences to be DD, but that he stays with the sc1 for sensations.

Fanatec v SC2 - to each their own and the best wheel is not simply about which one has the best feel! I liken this debate to apple v windows. Whilst some people like the ‘perceived’ plug and play of fanatec and the console compatability, myself having no experience of a DD wheel having come from a G29 I chose SC2 as i did not want to be tied into the fanatec eco system. I am sure that if I chose the fanatec DD then I would not have been disappointed so rather than argue as to which is number one lets just rejoice in the fact that sim racers now have a plethora of options to suit every wallet and desire.

Ahahhaha, on the low right corner of that page i see advertising of FANATEC products ONLY.