Some advice about manual on Russian

I found that new language appeared in manuals. :slight_smile:

Thanks for that.

But I would like to tell a few words about it to did it better. In True Drive software all terms like ‘Damping’, ‘Friction’ in English, but in manual it’s in Russian. It’s ok if you say about ‘Friction’ (but still…), but terms like ‘Torque bandwidth limit’ or ‘Slew rate limit’ very hard to compare with Russian words on manual (‘Предел скорости нарастания передачи момента’… whaaaaat )))). So I read russian manual and don’t understand about which filter I just read :slight_smile:

Will be much better to remain headlines (orange words - names of filters) in English and did descriptions in Russian.

P.S. There are a few grammatical mistakes, but it ok.

Thanks for the feedback. The manual was translated by our Russian reseller, and we did review it and noticed about the same shortcomings. Nevertheless, we deemed it was more valuable to release it on our website than not.

We will soon start to work on integrating more help into the True Drive itself by using a User Manual that it served as a web page.