[SOLVED] SC1 rotation ingame problem, not in simucube software


I have a problem with my SC1 after updating the SCT from SC 0.10.4 / IONI 10707 to 0.11.2/10707 for finally have access to 0.54d/10710 update.

Now I lost the possibilitity to graduate my wheel rotation in games :

  • in RaceRoom the wheel turn at the maximum speed even if I decrease the rotation degree.
  • in AC the configuration simply doesn’t work and I can’t finish the processus to set the rotation

In SCT the wheel turn at the exactly same degree, no apparent problem.

Before this update I had no problem with both of the games and the DD works perfectly.
I plug of all other devices and the problem is always here

Have you encountered or heard a similar problem, I’m distraught
I have a question regarding (product) regarding (issue).

My hardware configuration:

  • Windows 10
  • Mige motor 130ST
  • IONI Pro HC

Thanks for reading or helping. Sorry for my poor english :sweat_smile:
Best regards

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I would run the motor encoder setup again in the Simucube software.

Thanks, I will try to get a look on this :slightly_smiling_face:

An other solution given by my forum’s friends is the calibration in Windows 10.
Effectively, it seems that the solution is in this way even if at the moment this is not perfect but ingame the changes are in the good direction :star_struck:

Reinitialize windows 10 controller was THE solution, sorry :sweat_smile: