[SOLVED] Play in SC2 quick release

Since a couple of days I noticed play in my SC2 quick release. Not top/down, but from left to right. It’s accompanied by an obvious metal-to-metal clicking sound.

At first I thought it might be the axle of the SC2, but (gladly!) that’s not the case: I have a second wheel side quick release and that one doesn’t have any play, it’s rock solid. Just like this one used to be.

The strange thing is that I never noticed it before. And the metal doesn’t seem to be that soft that it develops play over time.

So I was wondering: is there something I can do to get rid of this? The wheelside QR-unit seems to be all clean on the inside. The unit is from Jan. 2020.

Thanks for advice!


Maybe this topic helps you a bit. :slight_smile:

Hi! Problem solved!

The topic you suggested, did make me take the wheel back off again. The pin tightening nuts were just fine, but I now noticed that one of the four screws securing the QR to the wheel, had come just a bit loose.

My mistake alltogether, obviously I didn’t tighten it well enough when I assembled it. Because it was a tiny bit loose, the wheel side QR didn’t slide completely over the SC2 side part of the QR. Just enough to make the locking pin fit, but not enough to reduce all play.

Long story short: tightening the fourth of the four screws solved it and it is rock solid again.

So: good practice to check those screws once in a while :slight_smile:.

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Are you using the provided spring washes? As they should prevent this

As far as I know, I am. But I will check. And otherwise I’m just going to use some locktight, will fix the problem once and for all.