(Solved) How to mount the new E-Stop?

Hello, just received my SC2 Pro but to my surprise, it came with an all-new E-Stop, different from the one that I saw in videos in YT and images here at the forum. the old one has a very clear screw hole to use for mounting. but this one I have no clue how to mount it. please help. thanks.

Old E-Stop:

New E-Stop:

It’s the exact opposite, the one on top is the new premium one and the other one is the standard since simucube1. If you want the premium you need to buy it separately.
Anyway, open it and you’ll see 2 holes for m4 bolts.

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aha, I thought it was just old and new, do they have differences functionality or do they all do the same thing and the other one just looks prettier? also… to open remove the 4 screws on top?

New type has a switch to power on/off the motor. To open the one you have simply unbolt the 4 screws on top

awesome, thanks a lot.

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Hello, would you guys please tell me torque off switch dimensions, especially mounting holes?