Solved: Assetto Corsa Competizione strange (Very loud) oscillation on startup

Solution: Other Filters | Damping should be higher than 0%. ACC tries to over correct and the correction shoots past the stopping point for ACC which causes it to oscillate violently. Could be because of using a 22-bit encoder meaning even a 0.1% change in shaft rotation is detected. I set this to 0% for some reason after moving my rig.

So I moved my computer and sim rig into another room. Everything is connected correctly and exactly the same as before.
I started Assetto Corsa Competizione and there was a very loud and fast oscillation that requires me to hit my E stop.
I thought something was wrong so went to Granite software and SC firmware to confirm the wheel is being read properly. Everything looked fine profile and setting wise.
I decided to try different sims to see if it’s only ACC. I didn’t have any issues with iRacing, Automobilista 2 or Project Cars 2.
Just to be sure I’m opening RaceRoom and still no issues. But with ACC, the violent oscillations are from starting in Steam until I open the options menu in game. Strangely if I enter a race after “tolerating” the shaking, there’s no issues with FFB in the actual race.
But for some reason ACC splash screen to the menu being shown is very very harsh. I can’t keep it like this, it woke up my newborn daughter and made my dog start barking.
I have video but I apparently can not upload it.
Running latest SC firmware and drivers, no MMOS firmware anymore after flashing SC firmware. Didn’t change any drivers between moving PC.