Software of the Simucube ActivPedals

Is it possible to get a few Screenshots of the Software or is not possible yet? Especially screenshots where we can see how to setup the FFB of the Pedals.

That would be really great! Thanks! =)

Video with software in action and explained while driving

Just press the picture. It opens a video where you see the software in use and explained. You don’t need an app. Just press and select the video

You can see screenshots on the product page

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I think there will be more screenshots in upcoming videos of the usual Youtubers who were testing it, and to which I showcased the pedals.

But, the UI is still a work in progress, lots of things to add and to tidy up. Definitively something that we will develop for a long time. During the expo weekend, we got many many different ideas from drivers, driver trainers, professional real life drivers, etc. about what they would want to feel on the pedal regarding effects, and some of the ideas were very interesting. Looks like we have our backlog full of ideas to explore; it will take a bit of time to implement everything that we had planned to do on the pedal, and now we have even more great ideas

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