So long and thanks for all the fish :)

Hey guys, so recent times have been quite rough for me and my family and I had to make the heart breaking choice of selling all my sim equipment, hence my farewell to simracing for the foseeable future. I want to thank everyone involved in this amazing community and forum, everyone who found my posts interesting or useful and everyone who helped me along the way in all those years. So, with the hope of returning here one day, goodbye for now :wink:


Truly sad to see you go, Mate, and wishing you and your family all the best, I sincerely hope things will turn around and improve. Hope to see you back #soon, I will miss you around these parts.

A sad Beano :frowning:


This is heartbreaking and shocking. Makes me sad to the maximum. Totally devastating news.
I remember I few weeks ago wrote a direct message to you, asking how it is going for you. Thought you are maybe angry with me, because I never received an answer. No I know why, life sometimes sucks, especially when you see others having problems coming out of nowhere.

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Sorry to hear that. Look forward to hearing you’re back in the game sooner than we think :slight_smile:

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Keep yourself and your family safe! When you return i will be happy to read your thoughts and opinion!

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