Smv2 watchdog timeout

Since a few days I experienced sudden loss of the wheel, no ffb and no steering for a moment.
It ended my race as there was a turn coming up :cry:
I opened Granity and had an error 481001, an smv2 watchdog timeout.
What can cause this or where do I have to look?

That is not the real fault; the servo drive communicates with the firmware at a high baudrate with a watchdog timeout, and reverts back to default baudrate (where Granity can connect to it) when you click the ā€œEnable IONI USB Configurationā€ button.

Any faults would have been already visible in the Simucube Configuration Tool, and if there were any USB related events, those would be in the Event Log in the last tab in the tool.

Thanks Mika, for your answer.
Immediately after the fault I looked at the debug event log but saw nothing interesting or USB related.
I will investigate further.