Small midge Ioni help- can push through end points and ffb

Hi all, this may be a bit vauge as I built an OSW a few years back using the old (I believe it was the small midge around 23Nm) kit and I cannot remember all the specific details of the parts I used. I did use a PSU that should have been good for about 20 to 23 ish Nm to suit the motor if I remember correctly.

Anyway, I upgraded the firmware 2x since then. The first time it basically made the wheel ffb cut out when you pushed into the end stops and it wouldn’t work right in normal game use, the motor power would cut out if you fought even middling levels of ffb, as if it was hitting a current draw limit.

I didn’t have much time to play with settings as I was so busy with work, I then upgraded the firmware again more recently when I dragged the rig out from the cupboard and the situation was much improved however I can still push through the end stops with a quite bit of force and the motor power cuts out, it also sometimes cuts out when fighting heavy ffb in games which it did not do originally. The wheel still controls the game but there is no power to the motor (or so it seems)

Can anyone shed any light on what I may need to change to fix this? I’m working offshore for another week and I would like to have some ideas to try when I get home to smash some dirt rally 2.0 with my new valve index!

Cheers for any help,


Go into Granity and look at FEV parameter, let me know what it is set to currently. It might be to low, set it to 6 or 7 or so.

Best to make screenshots of all settings in Granity though,I suspect there has been power-limit set also to psu perhaps…

But also a good thing to discuss with Ollie Aina, Ashe needs to tell you what wattage psu is in there, before we change settings.


Is this the legendary Beano?!

Thanks for your help. I’ll get a look when I get home in a week and a bit. I think I bought the 24V and 48V PSUs myself, it was a long time ago but I’ll open the case up and get the details off the items. As it all worked before it must be a setting. I went through all of them with a guide after the second update and as above, it worked a little better.



Lols, not sure about legendary :blush: Probably more known for causing problems and troubles, at least according to my Wife, haha.

No worries, let me know the details and show screenshots when you can, then we will get it resolved for you!

Just ping me if I miss your feedback then!


The early simplicity units had a peculiar psu configuration. Most likely you need to reduce the MPP parameter in Granity and even reduce the maximum current values.