Small (literally) throttle issue

Has anyone else noticed a problem on releasing the active throttle pedal??

I’m in iRacing, and then when looking at telemetry after the session, quite often but not always, the throttle percentage reported after a lift is 0.25% – exactly…for a significant period of time…usually a throttle blip for a downshift results in a zero percentage thereafter.

I cannot see any throttle input shown to Windows when I let up on the pedal through either tools like DIView or the Tuner app…but it’s there plain as day when I look at the data in VRS or i2pro for example.

Dead zone changes don’t fix it; tried that.

If anyone has seen similar and might have a clue on how to zero this out, I’d be glad of a nudge in the right direction.



To close the loop in case anyone else sees this symptom…

I was able to resolve it by updating the firmware. Apparently I was using 1.13.1, one rev down from “latest” Tuner/firmware. Simply doing the update stopped the issue completely.