Sincos "Check and update velocity/acceleration limits if needed"

On the setup guide for the sincos it says at the bottom “Check and update velocity/acceleration limits if needed” concerning DIV and MUL.

Do we need to do this or is it not a problem?

On the same topic I don’t understand DIV and MUL.

It says to reduce DIV, but from my understanding on the goals page you want it as high as possible for accuracy.

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Thats what I read into it. Decreasing div increases max velocity

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I kinda went researching for this when I got the sincos, I never fully got to an conclusion.

The velocity/accel limit is not visible when using torque control as the CM/Control mode, so I’m not sure if it’s relevant.

I did adjust FEV, but that’s not related to those limits as far as I’ve understood.

The drc files that are linked (can’t remember where, but they were in relation to sincos) both use 50 for DIV and MUL.

The Overspeed Fault Limit [FEV] value in Granity is proportional to the feedback device (encoder) resolution. So when you update to sincos encoder, you must change this limit so that the wheel will not fault. Next to the field in Granity it shows the corresponding rev/s value, and typically values of 6rev/s or higher are used in simulator usage.

The DIV/MUL values are useful in case where an external motion controller can only output signals with limited range, so that output signal can get scaled to full range on the drive. In SimuCUBE firmware, the torque setpoint is updated via the SimplemotionV2 bus using full -16384 - +16384 range, so setting MUL/DIV the same is recommended. Typically they are left at 50/50 or 100/100. Typically the values are used in calculation of the target position or velocity setpoint, if the drive is used in a position control or velocity control mode (typical CNC machines, 3D printers, robot arms etc). User does not need to reset those in SimuCUBE use case, as the drive is in torque controller mode.

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