Since reinstalling Windows Simucube has stopped working

Hi All,

I have a question regarding Simucube not working.

My hardware configuration:

  • Mige 20Nm
  • Latest Config tool: 0.50.4

Problems arise when:

  • I reinstalled Windows 10.

How it behaves:

  • Everytime I launch Config Tool:
    Operating Mode: Disconnected
    Active Profile: Unknown
    E-Stop: Unknown

The rest of the tabs options are greyed except Update Firmware.

Simucube is present in Devices and Printers.

I’ve been seeking assistance from Brion in iRacing forums but thought of extending help here.

Thanks and hopefully can fix this.


Are all drivers installed proper? Secondly, look into USB power-management and disable suspend when inactive, or something such. Had something similar a while back after an upgrade.


Hi Beano,

USB power-management was the culprit. I was losing my hair even though I am bald with this issue.