Simulator motion files

I am looking for some pointers or some help from someone who maybe just knows or someone that is interested in what I am trying to achieve. As part of a idea for my work, I want to be able to control a simulator by creating my own movement files and eventually ad hoc via joystick. Servo drives are not my background but I am keen to learn and needed somewhere to begin. The fasted way for me to get my hands on a machine was to buy a simulator from China. The simulator comes with 20 videos, a VR mask and a tablet. Within the VR mask there are short roller coaster videos, each containing a text file with coordinates on them. Here is an example of the coordinates.


The text file contains 100 lines per second of video. At first I though that I could watch the video and tie up the machine movements with the text file to gradually learn what it means and cut sections of the motion coordinates to create my own. It seems that the machine ignores this fileā€¦it has to be present but none of the changes affect the motions of the simulator when playing this video. I looked a bit deeper and found that there is a small motus controller that connects to the Estun 1010A servo drive via rj45 and I believe that these feeds CanOpen data into the servodrive. the names and number of text files I found on the motus controller sd card matches the videos on the VR masks internal storage.

I am guessing that the manufacturers have taken a video clip and using Sony Vegas created the above exampled movement file. After that they have converted it to an assci/hex file to feed into the servo drive via a motus controller. The machine input files don`t display correctly in notepad so I assume they are ASCII/Hex.

The text movement files found on the mask with the sony vegas extracted data contain 100 lines per 1 second of video, so I am sure that the conversion to a file type that can be fed into the Estun 1010A will not have been created manually.

Can anyway help me get started on creating my own machine files to ultimately create my own movements?

The machine has a seat that when sat in can go up and down and spin 360 in either direction. Just two servo drives are inside the machine. Here is a link to one of the same machines.