Simucube2- steering wheels doesn’t align correctly once joined into the session in Iracing

I experience this after I adjusted the bumpstop setting. (Even I set it back to where it was). Since then I occasionally this happen. I just got my simucube2 and I only set this up for last 2 days. So I might miss something somewhere.

So all looks normal in true drive software and once I joined a session, I can see the wheel started turn to the left around 30degree and obviously won’t be able to drive .
Re start Iracing didn’t help, restart the wheel base won’t help and it only works after I hit re-Centre the wheel in true drive .

After that , at some point it happened again…

Is that an issue for other users ?
Please help …

What is your rotation setting?
I’ve seen something with values below 420dgr.
I have it on 1080 without rotation issues.

900, but after re-centre, it works fine again in iracing.
But next time would happen again, but this didn’t happen before I tested the bumpstop.

anybody knows this issue ?

I have seen this issue too.

It seems to happen when I change/save settings in TD then launch an iracing session. When the session launches, the wheel wants to turn (right I think) and I have to hit the e-stop and recenter the wheel in TD.

After doing this, the wheel behaves normally when I release the e-stop.

It hasn’t happened for a day or so because I haven’t altered any settings.

There is a confirmed bug when you change a setting in true drive that wheel center position changes ocasionally by itself.
Should be fixed with the next TD Update

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ok great. Thanks for the reply

In general so far since I got the wheelbase for a week I have 2 issues
One is the snapping issue once you join iracing
Another one is it will slowly turn 30 degree on one side.

Both issues I never had when I used other wheel base and both happened right at the beginning of iracing when you are in your car in the pit lane .