Simucube2 settings for Indy 500 iracing

Hey if been using the iRacing Profile in the true drive software a year an iv been pretty happy with it. So havent messed with the settings. Driving the Indy 500 this weekend I wondered if anyone had some different settings a could try Or adjustments to the iRacing profile anyone would recommend?

Obviously I know it comes down to personal preference for most part, it feels a bit grabby at times an try to get a smoother turn in but not sure what to play with.

If you used it for 2 years, I would not change settings in such a short time span.
Leave it as is and start experimenting after the race.

Changed settings can take a lot of time to get used to.

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I’ll share my settings if you share the blueprints for your time machine …

If I had a time machine I wouldn’t of bother posting this knowning the reply I would of got

Well, apparantely you do have a time machine, since you’re using TD for 2 years now, even though the SC2 was only released 1 year ago :wink:

Your right it’s not even been a year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 2nd of june 2019 it finally arrived. That means if spent alot more this year than I thought :flushed: dont tell the wife