Simucube2 Pro disconnects

Hey guys I have 2x SC2 Pro bases …Today during a 6 hour race the 1 base started having random FFB disconnects …I didn’t think much but was suddenly surprised when the car suddenly went straight …the wheel had disconnected completely…I thought pushing emergency stop would reset it but it did not …I had to restart the game to get the full functions back …Is there any reasons why that would happen ?

Check the usb cable. I just had a similar issue where my Ultimate would randomly turn off.

Was it your USB cable

Yes it was the usb cable.

Strange that shud happen …my bases are about 3 months old and all the cables have never been removed or plugged in or out …it just stands in 1 place …but thx I’ll get a new cable

You could also try reseating all cables. The friction of the removal/insertion should help clean any oxidation that’s accumulated - be sure to do this with the power brick unplugged.

No Force feedback mid game that is accompanied by a message in truedrive stating the e-stop is pressed, is usually a loose Estop cable.
Losing All control, along with windows playing the “hey your device just unplugged” sound is usually a loose or bad USB cable.