Simucube2 pro 00004177

Just got it and its amazing !!
The Ascher buttons plate seems not to work with it fluently
The pedals sometime don’t respond or get delayed response
Its connected via USB
All wires are connected correctly after triple check
Any advice?

I updated to the latest software yesterday and I had the same experience. I could not shift up for easily long enough for me to think my wheel somehow is not connected. it was easily over 10 sec. I am using ascher fc28 and Simucube2 PRO as well, I am sure my battery level is good.

There have been no changes to the firmware regarding Simucube Wireless Wheel connectivity in the recent versions, except for removing the stop scanning functionality in the PC-side UI.

@captainhungry Pedals not working? Which pedals? If there are delayed responses or such, it is probably a grounding or wiring issue in your rig.

it was an odd one for me, 99% I have no any problem. Just happened yesterday + updated and this time the shift up without any response was quite long, keep shifting but no response. It was long enough for me to park the car to check what was going on further. I am sure the battery was good, not sure what caused it. I had one experience months ago ( battery was one year old )