Simucube2 FFB button control

Hi guys, I dont know if you have plans to create some kind of assigment for the overall FFB value through an external button. I think it would be a very good add to the True Drive software as you could modify it without leaving the race.


That’s indeed quite useful, I find myself getting all sorts of pumps middle race and would love to tune things down :smiley: :smiley: But I am not sure to which extent the TD developers could do that… Anyways, not a bad idea. In some sims like iracing, ams2 or acc is quite easy to change on the fly (by the way, which sim are you playing?), it might be more feasible to ask it from the game developers :smiley:

We are considering implementing something like this this year :slight_smile:


Thanx Mika. Yes, I gave requested this quite many years ago, I thought it had dropped through the cracks. Glad to see it is still on the table, cheers :wink:

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Ooh! Goody!

Hopefully it will be mappable to any control type (switch, encoder etc.) and not just KB so that we don’t have to faff with key-mappers etc. :smile:


Yes, I race rF2 basically but I have seen something like that in some videos about FanaPodiums. Can’t tell if it was the software itself or the game.
I use Simhub with BodyShakers and I can assign general value to a rotary. If I need to turn up/down the strenght on race I simply do.
Aplying this to the FFB strenght would be sooooooooooo cool.

It would be very comfortable to be able to touch the TD parameter (overall strengh, damping, friction, inertia, static force reduction) without having to exit the simulation as Fanatec has been proposing for years. I come from Fanatec and I am totally satisfied with the SC2 Pro but I miss this possibility :wink:

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