Simucube1's DRC file upload problem,MIGE130,10NM ,BISS-C,SDR-480

Hi, granite devices team I accidentally acquired a simucube1 device,It includes: MIGE 130-10010 motor, encoder BISS c-22-bit(new), power supply sdr-480-48, simucube ioni prohc,But the former owner of the device seems to have done something wrong,As a result, the equipment can not be used now。The original encoder used by the original owner was 2500 MIGE,Later, a new motor with BISS C was replaced,There seems to be a problem during this period.But I don’t know which part is the problem, and I don’t know how to solve it.If you can help me with this, thank you very much.Because my English is not very good, so I use machine translation,I try to show pictures to illustrate the situation. thank you!I used method 3 in Wiki to manually load bootloader,After that, use simucube_ Fw_ 1.0.25 write to DRC file,But it always fails to configure the motor every time. And it can’t connect to the garnety.3%T_$BU@A${C%UNST}@696


I’m really sorry, the order of the images is not what I expected. I hope it doesn’t affect your reading


What language do you speak?


I can speak Chinese,

The Feedback error in the Status tab screenshot that you show, means that a value could not be read from the BiSS-C encoder so the initialization failed.

Check and verify your encoder wiring.