SimuCUBE1 setup with Lenze MCS 12H15-C40B0-A19N-ST5S00N-R0SU

hi all, i have the latest Simucube firmware/ software [] installed and all works well, but every now and then, when driving longer hours, get the error message 140404.

since i am not technical and don’t know how, where to look and what to do, what do i do first to find the issue? or how to correct? what are my next steps to narrow down and troubleshoot my setup?

thanks all for your help.

140404 is overvoltage fault triggering - motor is generating more voltage to the high voltage bus than the servo drive can manage.

Can you show your settings from Granity? What is your overvoltage fault threshold?

hi Mika, thanks for your reply and help, just never have connected with Granity, don’t know how to connect. what do i need to do to be able to connect? or just hit connect?

i have emergency stop PRESSED in.
and i have two USB cables from controller unit going to PC.

do i need to do anything? release emergency stop? before connecting or simply press conncet?

click “Enable IONI USB Configuration” in Simucube software, then click Connect in Granity.

screenshot (1)







It would appear to me that your continous and peak current limit settings can limit the operating limits on the servo drive so such levels that it can’t operate correctly. Continuous and Peak limits should have some difference between them.

Also, your HV Bus Voltage is quite high - 52 V which is higher than the system is designed for in Simucube use case. What kind of power supply are you using?

here you go.

I would recommend to have a 48 V power supply. There is probably an adjustment/trimmer potentiometer to turn the voltage down a bit. Please observe electrical safety precautions when handling the PSU - unplug from mains always. It looks like it does have typical Chinese no-safety features such as easy to touch mains connectors.

hi Mika, does it need to replace with PSU? i don’t know these things, but if i buy another PSU proper one? what should i buy? and i can replace it easily?

I think you can turn the PSU voltage down by using the trimmer potentiometer.

Its not safe for us to give more instructions due to liability reasons. If you do not know what a trimmer potentiometer is / looks like, then the task is probably unsafe for you.

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okay roger that Mika, all understood. thank you for your kind help, and absolutely understand with liability. need to figure it out then, somehow, maybe find someone in the community who can fix the “controller” box…don’t know will see what can do.