SimuCube with Augury 18nm Actual Current Max

Hello all,

I have an Augury 18nm.I receive it last week and i don’t do any firmware update.

My firmware is 0.11.2
ΙΟΝΙ Controller firmware 10707

So,in SimuCUBE software i notice that my Augury 18nm , when i set Overall strength to 100% ,
Actual Max Current shows 23A…On other screenshots that i see on internet with small MiGE shows 12A…Of course i don’t know what servos they have.

is it a problem?

That’s a different servo so don’t focus on the small mige.

Yours is the 130ST-M06025 . It has 1 Nm/A but that is RMS . So basically it has 1Nm per 1.414 POS . So for 23A it produces aprox 16.26 Nm . They must have taken into account your psu and the efficiency , so i don’t think there is a problem.

It is not a problem, You can if you wish increase that to 25A and it will unleash more of the servo’s power which would be 17.68Nm Maximum and its Amperage limited. I am not sure why they decided not to just run it at full Amperage and Actually extract as much of the 18Nm that servo is capable of but that was Augury’s choice.

The Difference between the 18Nm and the 20Nm Small Mige is that the Small Mige is quite efficient power wise which allows it to reach its Maximum torque at a much lower drive power than that of the 18Nm. This is also why the Large Mige can run 28Nm at the same amperage as the 18Nm 17.68Nm because that servo is slightly more power efficient.

This doesn’t really mean anything except that you will use more power from your wall to get the torque.