Simucube wireless wheel module and Alps Alpine RKJXT1F42001

Hi there,

currently I’m building myself a custom button box for my Simucube 1 with a SC wireless module which I already bought. Now I want to integrate the Alps Alpine RKJXT1F42001 7-Way Switch but I’m unsure if there will be an issue of double actuation. The Datasheet reveals that the push button will be activated when using the arrow functions(as seen in the picture below). I’d like to deactivate the push button when activating the arrow functions through software.
Is there a way around the issue within the firmware/software of the wireless module e.g. with the Wireless button plate module configurator software referred to in the modules handbook? If so, where may I access the software?



Yes, it is possible. But we do not offer DIY support for this. The programming requires a hardware tool AND the software, and we sell those (and support for them) only to commercial entities that intend to build Simucube Wireless Wheels.

Contact our sales if you are such commercial operator that we could work with.

I think a 74HC08N and a 74HC86N would fix this. Any electro engineers around?

Yes, that would be possible - but just having such ICs on the board would roughly double the idle (non-transmitting) current of the wheel PCB that uses our module.

I really enjoy building and have made my own wheel over the last 12 months, I bought a Sieg SX4 Mill to cut all the aluminium and added steppers to it, learned how to use Mach3 and have now created a beautiful new wheel just for my own use, after spending 2k on the SC2 and 6k on the mill I’ve managed to create a beautiful wheel for my setup but it’s a little frustrating to not be able to change such simple things on the wireless card, not the end of the world by any stretch but would Granite/Simucube ever consider letting us enthusiasts configure a card we have bought fair and square? in a world where everyone loves to customise, I’m not sure I understand the holding back of potentially creative people making their own personal wheels without being able to simply adjust the components they own. Please consider this as a constructive question, we love Simucube and sing praises to these wheels, I don’t believe we are being unreasonable wanting to carry out simple edits for our own custom rigs :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue. Not able to configure anything. The tool is only available for commertial users. Meh. Used some boards from LeoBoadner before and he offers a small tool for all to change such things easily.
I was with Simucube since the beginning and the roots of this projects are definitively DIY!!! Not commercial!
Too bad people forget that, once the product gets traction. Then everything is only for commercial customers. The creative guy with their good ideas are only welcome at the beginning.
Thats really sad …


The tool is a hardware dongle + software that connects to the module wirelessly.

It costs some money to make, and I think the price we sell it to commercial users is fair, but it would not be fair for DIY users.

The tool can be used to wirelessly reprogram the Simucube Wireless Wheel modules, so it can be used in malicious ways as well.

If we were to invest to build a support in to Simucube 2 firmware to do the reprogramming + pipeline the reprogrammming information to Simucube from a PC application - that would take some amount of hours, lets say 40 hours including testing. And we can estimate the amount of hours we would have to spend on giving support to the DIY builders + the software… it just becomes non-profitable very quickly.

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Hi Mika,
thanks for you reply! That is of course a good reason and I didn’t think about issues with the wireless connection. The other boards I’ve been using so far were connected over USB and updating them is a lot easier of course.
So I’m fine with that and apologies for my last post! I guess, I’m somewhat allergic to anti DIY statements :wink:

Thanks for the reply Mika and appreciate your input too Max. That does make sense. I suppose the reasons people like me like to get into this side of it is we build as much we can on our own and enjoy the creative side of life to have our own self sustained custom gear but I do get it, only so many hours in the day and you can’t support everyone. Great products ofcourse in the a Simucube line up and us wanting to customise is just another way of appreciating the hardware so it’s all with good intentions.