SIMUCUBE - Wireless Button Plate Pinout

Please forgive the Newb Question…

In the PDF:

On page 7, Figure 5, Is it possible the Labels for Pin1, on both of the connectors, in the lower, rear(of the board) view are in the wrong location?

I’m not really sure what you mean. Both the headers have pins, and the lower image on that page is mirrored.

In the lower image you have leaders that point to pin 1. it does not correspond to the text layout of pin 1 below the image

can we attach images here?

PIN1 image.pdf (30.8 KB)

Bob, they are correct, note the images are a mirror of each other, one showing pins viewing from the component side, the other from the bottom side of the pcb.

Hence the change in orientation, as the board is flipped over in that last image…


Good Morning Phillip,
Please forgive me for beating a dead horse here. I am having trouble interpreting the drawing of the back (opposite of the component side)

Am I correct in assuming the text below each drawing view is the pinout and the pin number? IE “LED :2” is pin 2 and is the LED connection, and “1: GND” is a Pin 1 and is the GND connection?

So if the above is true, then why is the leader ( arrow with text) on the drawing, which says “Pin1” pointing to what the text calls “LED :2” on one connector and “ENC1A :2” on the other connector.

Thanks for your time.

Hi @bobL!
The pin definitions / descriptions are correct, but the Pin1-arrows are pointing to wrong pins. I will upload a fixed PDF-file to the wiki page today.

This should be clearer:

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Thanks! for the clarification