Simucube vs STM32 MMOS vs Thanos

Hey guys
I only recently learnt that you could build your very own DD wheel for much less than the ones that come as a unit on the market.
I’m a noob at electronics so I’m still trying to make sense of everything.
This is what I’ve understood so far. Please correct me if I’m wrong:
I understand that Simucube also has STM32 integrated into it but has access to its proprietary FFB firmware. Which makes the FFB better. But is the most expensive option coming these.
STM32 is also a very popular option but it is restricted to MMOS firmware which was last updated in 2014 and the FFB is not as good as Granity.
Thanos is supposed to be pretty good as well (don’t know which firmware it is capable of running) but is rarely in stock.
Price is definitely a concern. I know what the simucube setup will cost. But what will the STM32 MMOS setup cost (other than the motor, the small mige is going to be common to all builds)
Please also enlighten me of the advantages of the Thanos.

Thanks in advance!

you will probably find that the STM32F4 Discovery + IONICUBE + IONI Pro / Pro HC based setup is hard to find (Discovery boards are out of stock due to global component shortage) , and has many more components and EMI issues compared to Simucube + IONI. It is basicly a 2014-generation system. I think Thanos based setup would use MMOS firmware (again 2014 features)…

Good luck with your project.

Good luck with your project

Personally I think you should keep saving your money up and get a finished product like the SC2 or VRS DFP.

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Thanos solution is basically using old tech based on stm32, running MMoS FW currently, married to a cheap AASD-series drive-controller.

Not sure what is planned wrt the FW, but the drive-controller is the same used for both the pt-actuator and SFX motion systems. They have obnoxiously loud coil-whine, just so you know.

The best dd ffb wheel at this point is the SC2, if you cannot afford to buy that at this point, like Joe said, the VRS DFP would be a good, reliable and proven option.


Thanks for the replies.
I understand that the so called ‘finished products’ might seem more attractive. However, heavy custom duties are imposed in my country India which will exponentially increase the price for me.
I have enlisted all 3 options and what they will end up costing for me, along with their advantages and disadvantages:

Mige OSW +Simucube+ Ioni Pro:-
I pay customs only for the motor, which is the heaviest part of any build. But since the price of the motor standalone is not too high, i wont have to pay much. I can have a friend or someone pick up the Simucube+IONI in their personal baggage on their way back, so hopefully wont have to pay any duty on those. The approximate price breakup is as under: Small Mige with BISS C encoder and 3m shielded cables- 400-420 UDS, IONI Pro HC+ Simucube- 485 USD; another 150 USD for power supply, cables and PC case: Total- approx 1050 USD

The other two units have to be imported as complete units. Cannot expect a friend to bring these back for me. They’re 12-13kgs minimum.

The cheapest Simucube 2- Sport (prices converted to USD)
Unit- 1550 USD; Shipping-200 USD; Customs- minimum 30%of CIF -525 USD. Total- 2275 USD

VRS Direct Force Pro:
Unit- 800 USD; shipping- 200 USD; Customs- minimum 30% of CIF- 300 USD Total- 1300 USD

It is not about saving up money, i might have the money already. But the question is, is it worth spending over 2000 USD on a Simucube or 300 dollars more on the VRS? How much of a difference is there in FFB quality of the 3 combinations? I understand that the SC2 is a notch better, but please tell me how much better is it than the OSW?. Further the OSW, to my understanding is equal to, if not better than the VRS. Besides I cannot expect to have any warranty on these units here in India. It wont make sense to ship them back for repair. Even if the OSW has problems, the faulty part can be easily replaced.

What is your opinion now?

Good luck with your project.

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Thanks for the reply. Well i might have overstated the fact that im a noob. Well 3 days ago when i put up the post I did feel that. But having done some research. It seems that putting it together is not so difficult. I have put together and down the line also upgraded my gaming PC in the past. The OSW doesn’t seem much more difficult than that. It’s just about making the right connections and following the guide properly.
My apprehension with the VRS is that the 30% customs is the minimum, it may even go up to 40-50%. Customs are very arbitrary in my country.

Good luck with your project.

The Discovery is out of the question for me. I’ll go Simucube+ IONI. I watched a few tutorials. I think I just ensuring that your connect all cables correctly and make sure that the earth is proper, you’re good to go. With electronics I’ve realised that if your be careful and are not reckless you can do it.
Please enlighten me if there is anything more to it.
Besides why wouldn’t I get a fully built unit? But the thing is it will cost me almost 20-30% more. Money that can be spent on a good wheel, adapter etc.

Good luck with your project

Could you explain what exactly reversing polarity is?

Reversing polarity is
Hooking the wires up backwards.

Isn’t that the case with any electronic device?
I’m pretty sure if I were to do this to my PC right now, it’ll have the same effect.
Even if I don’t know the technical term ‘reverse polarity’ it doesn’t mean I don’t know that you gotta fix the cables right. Repeating what I said before if you ensure all cables are connected properly, you’re good to go.
What are you making it sound more complicated than it is?

Good luck with your project.

Oh right. And now you’ll even edit out what you’ve said before? Lol
Too big an ego to be on a forum.

Sorry Sir nothing to do with Ego.
I deleted my earlier info because it does not really belong on the Granite Devices forums.

I hope you have success with your project!

I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean to come across like that. It’s just that whenever I’ve been on forums there has been a lot of encouragement from the community. Afterall that is the reason GD started with the Simucube right? I understand that you gave your fair warnings. It’s just that it seemed that your warnings outweighed the encouragement. I understand that things like these have their hazards, but they can be avoided with adequate caution. Can’t they? 100s of people have put their OSWs together. I really would have gone with a pre built unit, but it just doesn’t seem feasible to me.
I must apologise. You seem to know the ins and outs of this so I really need you onboard with this man! .

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