SimuCube v1 weird behavior - stops reading input but FFB continues?

My hardware configuration:
-IONI Revision 1 (r004)
-Small Mige

Problems arise when:
-Playing iRacing - intermittent

How it behaves:
-Randomly, iRacing will stop taking inputs from the wheel. I can be driving along, and the wheel essentially goes limp and I can turn the wheel left/right and the car does nothing in-game. HOWEVER… it does still generate FFB. So, if say, the wheel goes limp mid-corner, the car in-game will (naturally) crash into a wall or something. The wall hit WILL send FFB to the wheel and it will jolt/jerk/spin.

The wheel will randomly go limp, sometimes for half a second, sometimes for up to 2-3 seconds, then jolt back to life.

Sometimes this happens within 5 minutes of booting the sim, and if it happens, it will happen every couple minutes. Sometimes I can play for weeks before seeing it again.

I did update to the latest firmware for my wheel (1.0.40) a few months ago thinking that was the issue… but the issue came back last week. Nothing has changed on my sim in that time (aside from the standard Windows and iRacing updates.)

I can’t reliably reproduce it but I feel like it does happen most often in times when there is more FFB present than required inputs - such as going down the very long straight at the Nurburgring Nord. You naturally get a little bit of FFB from the road undulations but otherwise not putting a lot of input into the wheel itself… it will go limp and I can freewheel spin the wheel… when it suddenly snaps back though it recognizes the wheel has been turned and the car heads to the wall. If it goes limp long enough to where the car drifts to the side and hits the wall… while still not responding to my input, the wheel will get jerked hard with FFB from hitting the wall.

Typically these have been caused by poor grounding, ground loop issue, or a failing USB connection or cable.