Simucube Ultimate turns off

I am wanting a good cord for controls etc.

Even Quality high watt PC power supplies come with a nice heavy duty power cord.
What is weird is the local Microcenter does not carry anything heavier than 16 gauge.

I got the cable over the weekend and so far so good. I got the one Andrew_WOT recommended just because i could get it quicker. Ill keep you posted.

So the USB cable fixed it? I have recommended you try that early on, hoping that was the reason for your disconnects…

I only have a couple hours in but it hasnt done it again so hopefully. Ive never seen something turn off because the usb is unplugged or has a bad connection when it has a separate power switch. I wouldnt have looked at that for the problem. But ill keep you posted after i get some more time in with it.

All good, that’s a design-feature for safety-reasons with the SC2 series wheels :wink:


Once it was explained how it works i guessed that was the reason. It might be good to post stuff like that somewhere to save you guys from having to answer the same questions over and over. :grinning:

well, its not exactly a safety feature, but a feature that comes from how the electronics is designed. The USB microcontroller gets its operating power from the USB and the high power stuff is sourced elsewhere.

Hopefully it was just the cable or a connector issue - please report back if the issue reoccurs.

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Ive had a chance to get a few more hours in finally and i havent had any issues. :grinning: Thanks for the help guys!