Simucube Ultimate and iRacing force

I’m using the Simucube Ultimate in iRacing.
100% maximum force in True Drive and then approx 110 Wheel Force in iRacing.
The feel of the drive is excellent, the weight of the wheel is excellent, I LOVE everything about the feel of the wheel, except in a crash. My simucube tries to break hand/arm/face, everything. The FFB is so violent, it will eventually break a bone.

Question, is there a way to minimise FFB during in a crash in iRacing?

I don’t particularly want to reduce the forces in True Drive as I am absolutely loving the current FFB feel when I’m on track, and not being hit into. I have the True Drive settings dialled in just perfect.

You can reduce % torque in TD and reduce the same weighted % in iRacing slider to keep the feel the same, yet reduce peak-forces during the crash-events.

That’s the only way to do it :wink:

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Thanks for that. I found lowering the True Drive % max and raising the iRacing % max didn’t quite feel the same as having 100% max in TD.

But, I guess it’s safer than breaking my hand, so I’ll do that.

The other thing you could do is just get good at anticipating crashes and let go of the wheel before impact. By the time impact is inevitable, I will let go.

There is a point where it will feel very similar though, but you need to calculated the (weighted) percentage change in iRacing vs TD. It is not 1:1 from a percentage perspective…

It’s because you are doing the opposite of what Phillip suggested.
To feel the same you need to lower TD and ALSO LOWER the in game max force.
Iracing max force is weird to all newcomers, since it does not specify the max output, but instead the max in-game calculated NM that it will output maximum force at(and will then clip everything above to that maximum output).

Another feature of your simucube 2 is the “gamma filter”. After having adjusted TD and ingame max force you prob. will find you feel it clips too early sometimes or maybe that high speed cornering is too forceful. Both can be worked around using the “gamma filter”. Do it by applying more gamma filter while adjusting in-game max force upwards again.
But best to make it work as Phillip suggested first.

Yeah, this is what I’ve been doing.

But recently, in iRacing, I’ve been trying to catch the crash, and stop it from ruining my race, but with the wheel spinning side to side, it’s not possible, and I whack the Stop button immediately instead.

I tell you, those guys at Granite have made an incredible product in the Simucube Ultimate. It really is such a powerful, smooth wheel. They’re bloody geniuses.

Hi Kledsen, yes I understand the lowering is raising thing. I probably didn’t make that clear in the first post. I just find that 100% in TD and 115nm in iRacing has a much nicer feel than 50% in TD, and 65nm in iRacing.

I think it comes down to a “wheel weight” issue. I much prefer a heavier wheel than a light turning wheel. Is there anyway to increase the wheel weight in TD, but not increase the Maximum NM?

As for the Gamma Filter, I will give that a try this evening. I’m not the best at adjusting the filters though, and end up making it worse. For the time being, I’ve just downloaded profiles from this forum that others have posted, and then edited the Max Force slider and that’s it.

But as I say, at 100% in TD, the wheel feels absolutely AWESOME, and my brain convinces me I’m actually driving a real life road car.

You could increase the friction in TD to get more static weight around the dead center. However, too much and it starts to feel sticky.


I think the gamma filter will do exactly what you want. Unf. I do t ha e that filter on my “pro” base.
Let me know if it does not work for you, as I ha e made a custom version of irffb with an added filter to do exactly this as well.
It should not be any better than your gamma filter, so I think you’ll be happy when you’ve worked it a little bit :+1: