Simucube Translation

I open this topic because I would like to try to translate the interface Simucube in French.

I do not know if it’s possible? If so, which files can you modify?

Currently, all the strings (text) in the Configuration Tool are hard coded.

I will have to “teach myself” first. I will report back on my findings on how this will be accomplished, but this is on the list of things to do.

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Thank you very mutch :smiley:

Upon first inspection, the translations are doable. I will first have to make an English translation of the current UI and then use the translation system to show all available text in the UI. After that the translation file can be shared in github for example, and everyone can improve&add translations.


An idea like this by the way: why not put information bubbles when we fly over the sliders. Example above “Sine Wave efect” one displays: this parameter is to use to increase the effects in RaceRoom …

That would be a way to narrow description. those effects are used by a ton of games its no use to put any title names into a information bubble.

You either increase or decrease it or none at all :slight_smile: no description bubble needed.

We will include these new additions in the User Guide when me and @bsohn have time.

Yea, bubbles might be a little limited for how to explain how effects work as some do get fairly complex… but Mika and I will talk about that… Right now we have to actually get the User Guide pretty well updates and several things have changed and changed rather quickly with regard to function and look … so we have a bit of work to do there… Hoping to get to it shortly so that we don’t get so far behind it that users start getting confused.

Yes i think a user guide will be better and cleaner than adding tool tips. And i would say the interface and options are not difficult at all.

I thought of adding red/orange/green -indicators next to the sliders instead of, or in addition to, the text information in the Advanced -tab.

Still thinking what kind of indicator would be the clearest. I kind of like the Granity Testing tab’s filled or unfilled dot icons.

Actually having a green indicator of what effects are being used by the game would be good, then you wouldn’t have to flip between tabs to see what is adjustable.

I want a Japanese Translation file.
Can not you prepare?

Nobody has done it. If someone submits a Japanese translation to the Github repository, we will include it.

I pushed the preliminary version of the Japanese conversion file to GitHub!

Thank you! I will add it in the next version.

I translated the English version into Japanese,
but I did not understand how to use all of the tools,
because there was a part that I do not know the meaning itself written in English, it is still far from the complete version (English spelling There was a wrong place …)

I will push it little by little and push it!

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As for the Japanese translation file, QT environment is in place, so I want a QM file of the English version simucubetuner_en (?), What should I do?

We will compile the QM files and bundle them to releases. This requires source codes for the project, and the configuration tool will not be released as open source.

For the last firmware release, we did not produce / add any translations, as the Motor Configuration dialog is still subject to some changes. After we get a new version out, we will release updated .ts files and then compile new .qm files.

I think that I know but Japanese is a double-byte character, unlike English etc., so I am really worried whether the translated sentence will be displayed well in the frame.

The simucubetuner_it file that happened to be in 0.9.10 was changed to simucubetuner_jp and it turned out that the display of the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool became italian and if you load simucubetuner_it into Qt Linguist, it is easy to translate into Japanese As I understood, I thought it would be nice if I can work while checking the translation part with the SimuCUBE Configuration Tool.
However, because I can hardly understand French and Italian, I thought that I would like to have an English version of the file.

I can translate it in ts file, but I would like to have English file because I want to display it to SimuCUBE Configuration Tool as I wrote above, but is there any way to do it?
If you tell me your e-mail address, can you send me a file there?

Ah yes, I will add the missing japanese template file to Github.

This will happen once I get the 0.10.0 version out.