Simucube team makes a visit

Found this on FB. Finally there is a face behind the name (@Mika :grin:)!
I have some questions:
Do they really use Fanatec wheels with the Simucube?
Any news on the software?
You were competing in F1 title?

I edited Granite to Simucube from the title.

They use Fanatec wheel bases and wheels for the F1 Esports, they have to use that hardware due to the F sponsoring F1 in this regard. This being said, their eSports lounge had a mixed set of simulators, some with Simucube 2 Ultimate and some with Fanatec gear.

My face can be found in many places in the Internet if you know where to look for it :slight_smile:

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I wasnโ€™t searching for it. Never came to my mind, tbh. But itโ€™s still interesting to compare the expectation/imagination one has with the reality.
Happy new year, and good luck for Las Vegas :four_leaf_clover:

Did you drive F1? Or could you do a lap on their simulator the F1 team uses?

their real F1 simulator was not included in the visit. We visited their Esports team. Simulator used was F1 2022 and the track was Austria.