Simucube suddenly turns to one side and stays there

Hi everyone

I’m fighting with a very strange problem which appears in Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Comp and RFactor 2 for about have a year now. I start the game and begin to drive. I’m using also VR. Suddenly, but mostly after a strong impact (colision or jumping over a high curb) my wheel turns by itself to one side (right or left to the bumpstop and stays there). If you wanna turn it back it goes by itself again back to the bumpstop. The games crash (freezes) and also the Simucube Software freezes. So the only solution is to turn off the Simucube hardware and turn it on again. As soon as the Simucube is off Windows also reacts again on mouseclicks. So i can close Simucube software and restart it again.

Im using:
Simucube hardware version: Revision 1 (r004)
Simucube firmware version: 0.50.4
Config tool version: 0.50.4
IONI drive firmware version: 10710

Strangely this problem never appeard when i played Forza 7 or Forza Horizon 4 with the Forza Emu Wheel Software and i played it a lot.

I also have a motion system (SFX100) running (for AC, ACC, RF2, Forza 7 and FH4), but i have no idea if it influences the Simucube in some way. The problem didn’t show up if the motion system was off, but that could be also maybe just coincidence. My motion system is also running with the Forza games and there i have no problems at all.

Any idea what i could try or if i can record some protocol?

This will happen if you have dodgy USB cable somewhere. Typically if your wheel rim cable is failing.

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Can you explain further.
Most wheel rims/button plates are simple USB devices that work independently of the Simucube.

So if the USB cable failure was on such a rim/button plate, why would that cause the Simucube motor to do this?


For example, if a USB button box is disconnected when iRacing is running, the Simucube will go full torque against bumpstop. I’ve personally seen it happen.

Thanks Mika.
Still seems strange unless it’s a Windows issue with a USB disconnect?
I still don’t see the connection with the Simucube?

It is a windows issue - game controller order gets messed up when device disconnects and iRacing does not communicate with the correct controller anymore.

edit: And it doesn’t need to be much more than a momentary hickup. You can also test if this happen - set “low” torque level in Simucube so as to not damage anything, and then disconnect the button box while driving.

it happened to me days ago with ACC on Sport, wheel’s usb got disconnected and it started turn against bumpstop…I also heard the start-up sound of the motor, so I went to look True Drive and it was like it had just started with ready safe profile loaded…I was really worried something was very wrong, but since then it’s all normal, I had no issues at all…

I’m running my rig with a motion system (SFX 100) and the problem just appears if i connect the power of the motion system in the same room as i power my simucube. So maybe EMV problems, but i can live with that solution.

You should put a line-filter on the SFX-100 AC 220V input side. Most don’t do it, I suspect the resulting conductive noise back the AC feed is quite bad, causing all weird problems on other equipment connected to that same feed.

Just imho of course :wink:

I already have such a filter, but it’s stil causing problems.

And of course you have shielded power-cables to your servos, with shielding connected to Protected Earth on Controller side? Included on Simucube?

All these small things add up to cause big problems if not taken into account during the build-phase. Saw this very often when people were building OSW’s…

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No idea if i have shielded cables on my simucube. Any idea how i can identify these?

I have shielded cables but this problem started to happen suddenly now, after about a year that I’ve been using my SC1 OSW wheel.

I also hear the sound of a USB device unplugging just before this happens.

When exactly does this happen? While driving?

This time it happened while driving, yes. That is why I think it had such effect on the wheel.
I had heard this usb unplug sound before, but I’m not sure how to find the source of the problem. Any suggestions?

I’m running 0.11.2 firmware btw.

I think I found the problem. I looked into windows devices, and I could see one “malfunctioning USB device”. There was no information to what the device was. I disconnected all usb devices one by one and found out it was my shifter.

I changed the usb port where I connected the shifter to a USB hub instead of directly on the motherboard and the problem disappeared.

I don’t know if this solves the original problem, but I’ll give it a go now and report if it happens again.

The issue is indeed caused by one usb game controller disconnecting, I would have guessed it was your usb wheel buttonbox cable failing.

This happened to me during an endurance race tonight. Wheel went fully to left and locked. It became none responsive in game. I’ll be checking on my usb devices. It’s dangerous that the wheel can suddenly go full speed to bump stop because an alternate usb device possibly malfunctions/disconnects.

Is there any new/updated information for this simucube2 behaviour? I want to just make sure I troubleshoot this efficiently. Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m reading more on Reiza forums, and wondering if it’s a possibility that this for me is specific to ams2/madness issue.