SimuCube stuck DFU mode


First post here and new to the OSW platform. I have followed the instructions detailed by Granite Wiki to setup my simucube. I have successfully uploaded the bootloader file using STM DFUdemo.

Referring to the following link:

I measured the resistance of the dipswitch and confirm less than 1 ohm and ~10k (depending on position). I tried both positions and my simucube is still detected as in DFU mode (listed on windows device manager). What position should I configure the dipswitch? My board (recently purchased) has the dipswitch in a different place on the board.

Forgot to mention that I am using the latest firmware.

Hmm. Can you show which button in Dfusedemo did you use to upload the bootloader to SimuCUBE?

As per instructions, I am uploading the bootloader under the ‘uptrade or verify action’ dialog. see below.

Windows keeps showing this:

I cannot connect to the simucube configuration tool

After you choose you need to click the upgrade button.

Thanks. just got this resolved. I played around with the dip switches and was able to launch simucube configuration tool.

Do you have motor drc files etc? Did you build this control or buy it?
Are you in the USA?

Yes USA. I just used the drc file for the mige 130st-m10010 and configured using Biss-C encoder. everything works but I keep getting an over speed fault. I built this setup using parts I bought from granite devices, mige, arrow, and ascher.

Send your Phone number to this email and I will give you a call and get you squared away. :slight_smile:

Good that you got it working. Did you find out what the actual cause for this was?

Where did you get the drc file? If you increase the encoder resolution, then also the over speed fault threshold has to be increased.

The BiSS encoder has a high encoder count so you need to raise the number for the FEV on the faults page. any number that once applied gives over about 6 rev/sec should be good .

Hi thanks for everybody’s help. I changed the FEV to 10000 and was able to resolve the overspeed issue. Everything seems good at the moment. This is my first foray into sim racing so I will be playing around with settings to make it work.

Hi Joe,

Thanks a bunch. I’ll send you a note later.