Simucube strange noise

Hi folks,

First post here - i’ve just installed my Simucube Sport and i’m getting this unusual echo-type and clicking noise coming from the Simucube. These clicks and noises can’t be normal?

Any suggestions? I’ve tested on AC and ACC - same thing.


I should add, this noise doesn’t happen when in game. The wheel moves freely.

maybe post your true drive and game settings. You seem to have some oscillations (maybe?) which in my opinion shouldn’t be there when settings are right.
But the noise sound like an defect of some kind.

You said Simucube Sport, but the screenshot shows Simucube 2 Pro. That doesn’t seem right.

These settings probably feel snappy without any slew rate or ultra low latency. Strong and sharp kerbs etc.
But I have no idea if the symptom is because these settings, I can’t reproduce it.

Good spot, though I am running a Sport. I tried a Pro profile, just to see if it made any difference.

There doesn’t appear to be many Sport profiles available on TD.

Ah, I see. I thought that Simucube was reporting your wheel as a Pro instead of a Sport. I don’t play around with the settings much… I set it and forget it.