SimuCube startup wheel roration

When I turn on the simucube it does a couple of full rotations, guessing as part of the bootup routine. Is there any way to stop this or change the bootup routine? Only reason I ask is that I have wired wheels and if I forget to disconnect them after use next time I turn it on the cable gets wrapped around the wheel stem.

I’m also finding that when I first start iracing (no other game and only the first time after the pc is turned on) sometimes the wheel works but has no ffb, my fix for this is to turn the power off on the simucube box then turn it back on and it then fully works again (whilst still in game). Trouble with this is that the wheel will then do another couple of rotations on start up, meaning I have to ensure I unplug the wheel again or it’s going to get wrapped in cables.

Run the motor configuration wizard (no need to have a drc file to IONI.

Or just press E-stop immediately when the rotation starts, and reset center point there.

The reason for this behavior is that the center point is reset that amount of rotations away from the center point on startup.

Resetting centre point worked a treat. Thanks.

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