SimuCube Sport Standby Issue

We have three Simucube2 bases, one PRO and two SPORTS.

All three have the latest FW and software.
PRO FFB stays ON and Desktop Centering works fine.
SPORTS bases turn off after some time although the settings are the same. I believe they used to stay on and centered before.

Any issues with this? We are using the wheel base to control an RC car and sometimes switching between drivers the wheel is inactive for 5-30 minutes and go to sleep mode. Then when someone tries to move it there is no desktop centering anymore. We have no e-stop and the switch is berried withing the chassis and hard to get to.

Any recommendations?

Enable the automatic high torque mode, then the standby mode is also disabled.


Thank-you will try this on our two units and report back.

Actually we have this turned on and still goes to sleep. We are not in game and using a separate Microsoft library to pull the information from the wheel. Does this matter? this is the application. But the SC2 PRO I have in the office in torque mode has not turned off after more than 2 days. Stays centered with the Desktop effect. It’s only the Sports that we have in the field that go into standby mode and loose desktop centering. Running latest FW.