Simucube software glitch?

I have a racecube I purchased from HRS, running with Granite software.
During the iRacing LeMans 24hr (last year), during the 3rd leg of a triple stint, whilst travelling in a straight line, the car suddenly turned hard left into a wall, ruining the car and the race.
Last night, during the iRacing Nords 24 hr, at the end of a double stint, it did the exact same thing, turned hard left suddenly, while I was turning right, putting the car into a wall, once again ruining the car and the race.
Can any else tell me if they have had this issue and how they fixed it?
I’ve withdrawn myself from enduro racing as this issue affects other people.

Is the software of the wheel updated?

This can happen if windows decides to power off usb devices. Have you checked that the “allow windows to put this device to sleep to save power” is unchecked in Devices Manager?

I’ve done multiple endurance races without computer restarts in between with no issues.

Thanks for the reply, and no, I havnt done that, to be honest, I didn’t know it was a thing :rofl:, I’ll do it tomorrow.

this has been experienced by other users on iRacing at times including me twice… though both of mine came testing the Fanatec DD2… But it seems to possibly be a quirk in iRacing… but I have NEVER been able to duplicate it…

I also don’t disagree that it could be the USB Shutting off but on my system I have it all set to not shut things down. (at least I think I do0 I actually may have never told it not to shut off the DD2… Oh well.