Simucube settings while in game

I was wondering if it would be simple to add keyboard equivalents to all the settings,( i.e. tbw, over all strength, all of the direct input effects, etc.).
You could then assign those shortcuts to a button box or on your wheel to be able to adjust while in a race or practice session. I know you would have to wait a couple of seconds before the change would take affect. But this way, you can fine tune your settings on the fly and really get your profiles working great.

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Just add a second screen and you’l be able to adjust settings while in any game.

I guess I wasn’t very clear. I meant I would like to be able to adjust parameters while driving the car. I am usually in VR but even with a second screen , you still have to stop steering, etc, find your mouse and take your eyes off the road to make adjustments. I hope this makes sense.

There has been some feature requests before on integrating simple force level changes and other very basic stuff into the buttons that are connected to SimuCUBE. Are you meaning something similar - parameter adjustment by a device that is connected to SimuCUBE or a general tool that could intercept button inputs from other USB Human Interface Devices (HID) as well? Anything could be done, and most likely someone will do both when we get the open source repository up…

I was thinking more along the line of other HID’s like consumer button boxes and consumer wheels not directly connected to the Simucube box.
I currently have two DSD button boxes and am using Fanatec wheels thru simracingmachines USB adapter. I would like to be able to use them to make changes while driving.
Thanks for all that you and your company does.

I think someone will do such a program with the API that we will offer as open source. But first we would need to decide whether there should be a setting, a flag or something that would prevent changing the actual values of the profile via 3rd party or not. I would find it best if there was such a flag, as SimuCUBE configuration Tool does not update the profile values live and thus would not be able to show the changes there.