Simucube resetting after big crash or spike in torque


Hi, i have an issue where my wheel resets after a big collision or a big spike in torque. once this happens the loose complete control of the wheel in the game and i have to reset the e stop, enable high torque mode and start the game again.

Anyone know how i can disable this? ive tried lowering the torque settings but then the game feels weak.


Which Simucube 2 model do you have? And which version of the True Drive software?


Mika, not to hijack the thread from @JonSton but I did have a similar thing happen to me yesterday. I didn’t think much of it until seeing this thread.

I was hit from behind quite hard by the AI in rF2 and after coming to a stop and then moving off again, I noticed that the FFB strength had been greatly reduced. I did still have full control of the wheel though.

I thought it was maybe some kind of safety feature that automatically disabled high torque mode so I alt/tabbed to look at TD settings and noticed that high torque mode was still in fact enabled even though the strength was pretty much down to zero.

I then disabled and then re enabled high torque mode and everything came back to normal.

Just wanted to chime in, in case the information may be of help.


I’m running a Simucube Pro, tried it at 70,80,90 and 100 percent torque.


This is really strange and has not happened in our testing. Do you have both power supplies connected and powered?


Indeed i am sorry Mika, looks like the power pack mounted on my motion platform had fallen down and one of the power cables had disconnected from the power pack.

Plugged it back in purposely crashed and ran into barriers and bumps and almost broke my arm :slight_smile: